New 'Laser Carbon Peel'
We are happy to offer a new course - Laser Carbon Peel (also known as 'Black Doll'). Learn how to apply this new treatment safely and effectively!! Only £250.

About Us

More than 30 years in the medical laser industry

At Dermalase Training Services, we are proud to offer top quality training courses to the people across the world. What's our secret? We take great pains to simplify subjects and have a reputation for making difficult concepts or tasks much easier. If you don't believe that, rest assured that many of our clients have seen great progress in their skills and knowledge over a very short period of time of time. If you would like to learn more about us, you can put a call through or drop us a line in the form below. We'd love to hear from you. We're based in Glasgow, Scotland but can provide training anywhere across the world.

Our Courses

We provide a range of courses including 'Core of Knowledge', 'Laser Tattoo Removal', 'IPL Treatments', 'Diode Laser Applications', 'Laser Removal of Hair/Vascular/Pigmented Lesions', 'Laser Nail Fungus Treatment', 'HiFu Treatment', 'Carbon Peel Laser Treatment' and others. Contact us for more details about any of the above courses.

Our History

Our main trainer, Mike Murphy, has spent more than 30 years in the laser industry. He was involved in the original scar-free tattoo removal clinical trials in Glasgow, Scotland. Mike has trained doctors, nurses, therapists and many other professionals across the world. He continues to work in the research field seeking new treatment applications and improvements to existing protocols. He is also a certificated Laser Protection Adviser and is currently the General Secretary of the Association of Laser Safety Professionals.

Laser Protection Adviser

Our trainer, Mike, is also a certificated Laser Protection Adviser and is the General Secretary of the Association of Laser Safety Professionals. He can come to your facility and assess it for laser safety. This includes a risk assessment and equipment checks. He will then compile an LPA report and issue a Safety Certificate. Your insurance company will be very happy to hear this! Go to our new web site -

Research activities

Mike is constantly working in both theoretical and clinical research involving lasers, IPLs, RF units, HiFu systems and other devices. He is driven to find new and better ways to improve treatment outcomes and regularly presents his research findings at international medical laser conferences. You'll find his publications in various peer-reviewed journals across the world.

Laser Safety Officer training

We are pleased to offer a new course - Laser Safety Officer. This is aimed at anyone with some experience using lasers but who wants to learn more about them and the safety aspects around them. Having an LSO on-site might help to reduce your insurance premiums (ask your provider) but it will certainly keep your clients and staff safer. Contact us for more information.


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